Throughout my career, I’ve helped exceedingly talented writers improve their client proposals, presentations and final reports. Here are some of their perspectives on our work together:

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan for nearly two years. Dan and I worked very closely together during that period and he supported me in a variety of functions including report editing and proofreading.

 I really valued Dan’s partnership. He was an excellent copy editor/proofreader and helped make my reports more pithy and focused. He was the consummate team player and was always willing to “go the extra mile” when my needs required it. This was particularly important, since Dan also handled a full proofreading/editing role for the company at large as well. Despite often being “pulled in multiple directions”, Dan was always able to do an excellent job in supporting my needs and improving my writing deliverables. Based on my experiences working with Dan during our time together, I would highly recommend him to any prospective employer.” – David Hirschler, Managing Director, Firefly Millward Brown – http://www.fireflymb.com

“For several years, I worked with Dan on the development and successful execution of qualitative marketing and advertising research projects for Fortune 500 clients as well as small, start-up enterprises. We worked as a team preparing for and executing report output detailing observations, findings, and forward action recommendations reflecting client-stated learning objectives. Dan not only contributed heavily in the construction and formatting of studies, but also to the editing and refinement of output forwarded to clients. 

His skills go way beyond precise editing to creative rewriting and clarifying of copy to achieve optimum readability. Often Dan would proactively deduce and recommend a finding not initially highlighted in report copy written by myself or others, thus rendering the final product more insightful and therefore valuable to the client. His involvement in projects from initiation to completion meaningfully contributed to the return of clients for additional projects over the years.

I would heartily recommend Dan for his creative brainstorming, writing, and editorial skills as well as his overall positive attitude toward any task or opportunity. – Geoff Clarkson, Managing Director, Firefly Millward Brown – http://www.fireflymb.com

“I miss working with Dan.  His efforts in editing and proofing reports and proposals always made them better — tighter and error-free. His approach is incredibly detailed and thorough, and he always managed to find the time to do things right no matter how busy his schedule.” –Market Research Executive, Leading Market Research Firm

“Dan has an excellent work ethic combined with a desire to learn, an eye for detail, and a superior knowledge base. He’s quick to learn, eager to help, and a definite good person all around. In my time working with him, I frequently turned to him as an example of the best type of employee. I’d have no problems giving him difficult work, and had every expectation it’d be done efficiently and correctly.” –Dan Warnick, Director of Operations, TMP Worldwide, Advertising and Communications 

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