Copy Writing, Copy Editing and Proofreading

DanWriting understands the immeasurable value of feeling 100% confident in the material your business puts forward. Enlist DanWriting as your on-call wordsmith and ensure that all of your documents are delivered accurately and on time. Specific areas of expertise:

-Business proposals/plans
-Press releases
-Client reports

Website Copy 

Your website is often the first impression your business will make on potential clients and partners. To make sure your online presence is a true representation of your company, DanWriting will:

-Review and refresh your existing website
-Draft original copy for a new website
-Proofread entire site for typos, grammar, functionality and link verification

Client Consulting

After more than a decade in Advertising, Marketing and Communications, with specific focus on Medical Communications and Market Research, I have developed a sixth sense for concepts that resonate. I will meet with you, either in person or via telecom, and provide an outside perspective on any idea or project you may have in the works.

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