About DanWriting

Welcome to DanWriting, your on-call wordsmith. Founded in 2014, DanWriting serves small-to-medium sized businesses that do not have in-house copy writing, copy editing and proofreading services, but that need to ensure 100% accuracy and quality of presentations, proposals, websites and all other written materials.

Fast and Accurate 

DanWriting places equal importance on the speed and quality of every project. Making great catches is what makes me tick.

Affordable and Accountable

Though DanWriting’s rates are competitive in the industry, the speed in which projects are completed enables DanWriting to do more work in less time. The result? Fewer hours billed, and less expensive invoices. For a fast and accurate estimate, email Dan@DanWriting.com.

Your project does not end with the delivery of your clean document or website. DanWriting provides detailed notes on every project, and is available for in-depth analysis.


Company founder Daniel Romanowitz has over a decade of experience as a writer, editor and proofreader in the Advertising, Marketing and Communications triangle.

Dan’s extensive proofreading and editorial work includes: Automotive, Banking/Finance, B2B, Legal, Marketing/Market Research and Medical/Pharmaceutical for industry-leading companies.

DanWriting is a one-person shop. Founder Dan Romanowitz is both “mom” and “pop,” and personally guarantees the highest level of quality on every project, because he does all the work himself.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Ithaca College.

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